Hiroyuki Anzai

Director of De-Tales ltd, London based design consultancy, owner of Mobile Crews Corporation, Tokyo and Milan based business coordinator, and author of books and articles on journal/magazine.

He acts as business/culture interface between Japan and Europe for almost thirty years after having worked at Isuzu Motor headquarters in Tokyo. He has covered several sectors; automobile, design, information technology, food and digital marketing. Based on these business experiences, he published the 1st book “European eyes and Japanese eyes – interpreting a reality of culture” (2008) and 2nd book “Why “Maru chan” became a soul food in Mexico ? – adaptability of product at different culture” (2011) while focusing on the relationship between business and culture, and then began to write on corporate management of SME, titled as “ What are SME/start up managements in the world thinking about ?”(2014).

In an occasion of EXPO 2015 in Milan, he was a member of organizers for “Food safety conference” and published “Fukushima in Italy” (2016) which reports about the conference. In 2017, he published “What arrives after design – thinking about meaning of product” and was a supervisor of translation (English to Japanese) and introduction on “Overcrowded” by Roberto Verganti.

He is a keynote speaker/panelist at conference and a lecturer at seminar.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiroyuki-anzai-2340a028/

Instagram: anzaih




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