Afternoon activities

Kaunas Tour

Introduction to Kaunas modernism

Thursday, September 28, 16:00 – 19:00. 

Participants will be transferred by a shuttle to the Tour starting point directly from the conference. The Tour starts by foot from Vytauto ave. 71, Kaunas. Participants that would like to join the tour independently, can come at 16:00 to the indicated meeting point.

The period of independent Lithuania (1918-1940) formed to a big extent how the urban and architectural heritage of New Town in Kaunas looks like today. Thus 2015 March Kaunas has been awarded the European Heritage label. Why is Kaunas modernism growing the admiration of experts?
The Tour will be held by Ekskursas” project that is managed by a group of young creative people. “Ekskursas” is aiming to stay away from the usual excursion format and invites 4D conference guests to discover the most organic combination of the two ideological engines of the interwar architecture – modernity and nationality. Moreover, we will touch the topics on history, culture, social life and art of Kaunas.

Take a look at “Ekskursas”

Photo credits: Laura Baltkojytė, “Ekskursas” Team


















“Sandėlis” – “Warehouse”

Thursday, September 28, 19:00, Muziejaus str. 8, Kaunas

Right after the Kaunas Tour we will meet @ Sandėlis, a newly renewed warehouse to explore the Kaunas Old Town evening life and try something off menu – a special 4D conference cocktail.

Photo credits: “Sandėlis”


Gala Dinner

“Višta Puode” – “Chicken in the Pot”

Friday, September 29, 20:00, S. Daukanto str. 23, Kaunas

Seasonal. Mastery. Modern. The restaurant menu is made from seasonal products found in nature or cultivated by local farmers. The restaurant chefs work on each dish as a unique piece of art that encompasses taste, image and Lithuanian tradition. A modern approach makes it possible to discover or re-discover traditional Lithuanian meals. The restaurant “Višta puode” is made with exceptional attention and love. Food here causes memories.

Photo credits: “Višta Puode”




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