Conference Sessions


Keynote speakers offer formal presentations on a topic of broad interest to the conference delegation. Morning Plenary Sessions – as a general rule, have no questions or discussion. Instead, plenary speakers answer questions and participate in informal, extended discussions during the Design Library Talk.

Afternoon Plenary Session format foresee an informal discussion with the Keynotes after the session.

Design Library Talk

Design Library Talk is informal, an unstructured session that allows delegates a chance to meet plenary speakers and talk with them at length about the issues arising their presentation. Each person is given equal right to participate in Round Table Discussion.


Paper presentations are grouped by general themes or topics into sessions in which three to five researchers present their work and results followed by group discussion. Each presenter in the session makes a formal twenty-minute presentation of their work. Session Chairs introduce the speakers, keep time on the presentation, and facilities the discussion. In the parallel session, the size of the audience is limited. At the end of the presentation, there is time for questions. Each presenter’s formal, written paper will be available to participants if accepted to the conference proceedings.


Workshop sessions involve extensive interaction between workshop instructors and participants around an idea or hands-on experience of practice. These sessions may also take the form of a crafted panel, staged conversation, dialogue or debate – all involving substantial interaction with the audience. In Workshop session the size of the audience is limited.

For workshops please register here:

WORKSHOP 1 | Performative Design Lab




Performative Design Lab “Water”

Thursday, September 28, 11:30 – 15:30

The workshop aims to explore Water through different perspectives – body, space and object. These perspectives are the interpretation of interdisciplinary creative field boundaries. The laboratory will test and explore the spaces in which the interaction happens between body and the object reality. Working in interdisciplinary teams and exploring the performative design research methods the workshop aims to create different “water tasting spaces” as the the result of the workshop.

Workshop instructor: Artist Dovilė Gaižauskienė, Performative Design Agency. Kaunas, Lithuania

10 – 14

Photo credits: Dovilė Gaižauskienė




FAB Market “Make Your own Backpack”

Friday, September 29, 11:30 – 15:30

Workshop instructor: Designer Ingi Guðjónsson, IAAC Fab Lab Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.

TASKA is one of the product in the open source collective catalogue of Fab Market. A multifunctional backpack / hand bag made of wood and textile.

The bag is easy to fabricate and assemble with only a laser cutter and simple instructions.
The design is available at where people download the files free at charge.
Participants learn how to make their own customized version from the creator of Taska.

10 – 20

Photo credits: FAB Market




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