Agnis Stibe

PhD, Professor of Transformational Sociotech Design at ESLSCA Business School Paris. Paris, France

He empowers people with strategies and innovations on Socially Influencing Systems, Transformational Digital Marketing, and Persuasive Behavioral Economics. At MIT Media Lab, he established research on future Persuasive Cities that are encouraging healthy and sustainable routines. He believes that our world can become a better place thought purposefully designed urban spaces that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature. His research is built upon socio-psychological theories to design long-lasting transformations of our lives. Agnis is an active member of persuasive technology community, frequently speaking at annual conferences and effectively collaborating with industry. He has worked for a number of Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. Dr. Stibe has twice been recognized by the Minister of Education and Science of Latvia for his long-term creative work. He has received awards from the MIT Media Lab, Nokia Foundation, Dr. Theo and Friedl Schoeller Research Center for Business and Society, and the Latvian Fund for Education. Dr. Stibe holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Latvia, an MBA from the RTU Riga Business School, a PhD from the University of Oulu, and a postdoctoral training from the MIT Media Lab.


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