Alessandro Philip Maiano

Managing Partner, Wilbe Ventures, London, UK.

By the time he turned 18, Alessandro had changed 8 different schools and 4 countries, growing up climbing palm trees in Hawaii and digging for worms in Dublin. Law school and a corporate training in London, coupled with days-off spent working as a kitchen porter, brought in some system to a disruptive predisposition.

While still practising as a lawyer, Alessandro co-founded Wilbe in 2011 to support and grow ventures of worth solving systemic problems including mobility, mental health, education and access to the arts through the use of deep tech stacks such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality. He left practice in 2014 to start serving as Managing Partner and since 2016 has welcomed four Partners located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and New York to help him further Wilbe’s missions globally.


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